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The Queen of DIY

We can hardly contain our excitement…

Snaptee is Brit + Co’s newest app crush!!

Having the Queen of DIY and her team’s Stamp of Approval means a lot to us. Not only are we huge fans of Brit, we’re also proud to be part of the Makers Movement that she’s championing. 

Many thanks to Editorial Director Anjelika Temple for her awesome intro and review and cool designs. We can’t wait to see what you design next!

All You Need Is Love


And what better time to express how you feel than on Valentine’s Day?

This year, whip out your mobile and make something special for that special someone. Your Valentine will be cooler (and more memorable!) than the rest, guaranteed. 

Just remember to order by JAN 23.


Happy New Year! Time to put on those dancing shoes

Hey Snaptee Community — Melissa B., fellow Snaptee designer and powerhouse singer, wants you to put on your dancing shoes!

She’s kicking off the new year by hosting a video dance contest and the winner gets a fabulous grand prize. 

All you have to do is let loose and get moving to her new single “What You Started”. Check out the details HERE and enter to win today.

Contest runs from Jan. 15-30 - good luck!

Behind the Tee: Neena_Wonderland

The Many Faces of Alice // When I was just a child, I fell in love with “Alice in Wonderland”. Her world was so magical. Strange and wonderful things could happen that were not possible in real life, like talking caterpillars and flowers. I started to draw when I was really small and when I came across Alice in Wonderland, I couldn’t stop drawing my own Alice.


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Apple Store Pride

Apple has chosen Snaptee to be featured IN STORE in Hong Kong!

Walk into the Apple Store in IFC, Hysan Place, and Festival Walk shopping malls and you’ll see Snaptee designer Amie’s Locker on full display in all iPhones.

Thank you Apple for introducing us to new users in one of the most international cities in the world!

Happy Shopping

If you celebrated Thanksgiving, you may be recovering from massive food coma right now. Or, perhaps, you’re standing in line in the middle of the night, waiting for the start of (in)famous Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year…

Speaking of shopping, did you know Snaptee was featured by Apple in 13 countries around the world as the #1 New Way to Shop?!? :) We are thankful indeed!


Over 515k unique t-shirt designs are available for purchase on Snaptee…and you can shop for your favorites without even leaving your room (and braving the cold and long lines, yuck!). Now’s a great time to browse your favorite Lockers and start thinking about presents for friends and family.  

Happy start to the holiday season, Snaptee Community! And happy shopping!


Snaptee Selfie

With Oxford Dictionaries declaring the Word of the Year to be "selfie" and Justin Bieber (aka King of Selfies) investing in selfie app Shots of Me, it looks like The Selfie is definitely here to stay. 

But of all the selfies we’ve seen out there, from the dignified to the sweet to the downright dangerous, we still think Snaptee user @itskikocagayat tops them all…


Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you THE SNAPTEE SELFIE.

We love getting your selfies at Snaptee. It’s the only way we get to see those awesome designs on you! So don’t be shy. Take a selfie in your Snaptee and send it our way. Who knows? You could be featured next.

Happy snapping! 

Bonus pic: See Snaptee user @shazrolsuhaime get photobombed big time while trying to snap a selfie!

Behind the Tee: DutchyTees

SECOND CHANCES // Ever since I was a child, I’ve been into space, planets and star gazing. I’ve always been fascinated by how minute the Earth actually is, compared to the vastness of the entire universe. It’s awe-inspiring, and humbling. 


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What is your favorite Snaptee?


With over 450,000 unique designs in the Snaptee locker, we know it’s hard to choose just one. Some are hilarious, others downright sassy. We love the inspirational ones that put everything in the right light, or the brutally honest ones that make us stop and think. And who can resist tees about love, friendship, and cute baby animals?

Ever come across a Snaptee design and wonder, “Who’s the person behind that awesome tee?”

Us too. That’s why we’re going to start going BEHIND THE TEE. Once a month, we’ll hear the story or meet the person behind some of the unique designs in Snaptee. Maybe we’ll be profiling your favorite Snaptee next, or better yet, featuring you!

Come along with us for the ride. Get inspired.

And, as always, happy snapping.

{“Awe$ome” tee design by dikun}

Keep Calm and Scary On

Oh, is it Halloween already?

We hadn’t noticed :)


Are you costume-ready for the most spooktastic day of the year? 

There have been some great costume ideas floating around this week but this one is hands down our favorite! 

If you lost track of the calendar and are scrambling to figure out a last minute costume for tonight’s festivities, don’t fret. Check out this list of fun and easy ideas for some inspiration (hint: many of them involve a T-shirt and some simple, but clever, accessorizing!)

Whether you’re trick-or-treating with friends or going to an epic party….

imagefrom Snaptee designer takumi.maehama.9 and all of us at Snaptee!